Inspiring Kale/ Courageous Rosemary

Inspiring Kale/ Courageous Rosemary

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100% Organic Herbal Tea. No addditive. Caffeine Free. Cancer?Lacking Vitamins? High Blood Pressure? Type 2 Diabetes? Eye and Bone Issues? Reckie's Thyme Tea is here for you. Kale is the most Healthest and Nutritious Natural Blend of Vitamins and Minerals such as Vitamin K, C, A, Iron, Fiber, Potassium and more. Kale Tea Promote Eye and Bone Health, Boost Red Blood Cells, Detoxify your Body, Heart Disease, Lower Cholesterol, all while having Cancer Preventative Properties and more. Circulation Problems?Forgetting? Disgestive Issues? Pain? Reckie's Thyme Tea is here for you. Rosemary Tea, will help reduce Digestion issues (Gas, Heart Burn and Bloating), Detoxifier, Relieves Stress and Pain, Cleanse your Lungs, Anti-Bacterial, Fungal, Oxidant and Cancer Properties, all while Improving Brain Function, Memory Loss and your overall Psychological Health.


    Made with Organic Kale and Rosemary leaves. 8 tea bag per pack

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