"So-Rael " Tea

"So-Rael " Tea

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Congested?Lack of Energy? Stressed? Anxious?  Reckie's Thyme Tea is here for you. This wonderful Blend of Sorrel (Hibiscus), Ginger and Cloves  is added to our Awesome Thyme leaf.  The tarty taste of the sorrel combined with spicy flavor of ginger , spice taste of clove followed by the sweetness of thyme leafs, will leave your bursting with flavors.  You will get a benefits of thyme, ginger sorrel and cloves have to offer all in one tea bag. 

Original tea
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    This tea will leave your body feeling energtic, relaxed, less Anxious , ease decongestion, fight off diseases, prevent cancers, reduce the risk of heart disease, and strengthen your overall Immune System. This SLV Thyme Blend  has an Aromatic scent and blissful Tastes.


    Ingredients: All natural Herbal Tea. Thyme leaf, Sorrel, Ginger and cloves.   **8 Tea Bags**

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